fog cannon graphic showing it being used in an office
graphic showing different sizes of fog cannons

Sanitising Fog Cannon

Due to recent events, santising is more important than ever. We are proud to have secured a supplier for an exclusive sanitising cannon that can provide full room sanitisation.

What is Purifog AIR?

Purifog AIR cleans and hygienises the air of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and micro particle pollution in any size room from small offices to large factories, including public transport vehicles. Safe to use over PCs, electronics, paperwork, clothing and furniture, Purifog AIR is a non-toxic dry fog which leaves no visible residue.

How it works?

  • Air Cleaning and Hygienising – cleans and hygienises the air using an automatic aerosol spray. The micro particles are dragged down to the floor and surfaces ready to be disinfected reaching all cracks and corners in the room.
  • Surface Cleaning and Hygienising – contains surfactants which deposit evenly on all surfaces including door handles and light switches. This component helps all cleaning products to remove the dirt by passing a damp cloth over the area.
  • Surface Disinfection – to complete the sanification cycle, use any all surface disinfectant.