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Fire Alarm System Installers Epping, Essex

Here at A2Z Fire and Security we specialise in designing and installing bespoke Fire Alarm Systems that are tailored to your building structure and purpose. Inline with current legislation we can protect you and your property by installing systems that detect smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. In addition, we can provide a full service that includes testing and inspecting a pre-existing system to make sure it meets with current fire regulations.


  • Conventional Fire Alarms – these basic, entry-level alarms are recommended for smaller offices, motels/smaller hotels, warehouses, storefronts, etc.
  • Twin Wire Fire Alarms – the ‘big brother’ of the conventional alarm, functioning according to detection zones. These alarms have the added benefit of incorporating sound alerts on the same circuit, meaning that no additional wires are necessary.
  • Addressable Fire Alarms – these more intricate systems are capable of transmitting data which communicates the exact position of any potential fire, and are best suited to larger office buildings, hotels, manufacturing centres, etc.
  • Wireless Fire Alarms – these alarms are a variant of the addressable solution, operating on the same basic principle but with the added benefit of not requiring wires and cables. This makes them a great alternative for locations with several buildings in close proximity, or structures where you cannot implement wiring.