A2Z Fire and Security Essex installers Door entry system kit

Door Entry System Installers Epping, Essex

An A2Z Fire and Security installed Door Entry System will be of benefit in the following :

A block of flats where the whole block can only be accessed via one external front door. The door entry system will allow the tenants to individually allow in visitors without the need to leave their own flat.
You have a front secured gate some distance away from your house.
Can allow wanted visitors access from the comfort of your home.
You can see or speak to anybody who seems suspicious you can refuse them entry from a distance. Beneficial if you
Work in a business where large amounts of cash may be stored on the premises.
Wish to protect yourself and your cash from potential armed robbers.
You are disabled or infirm due to illness or old age and find it difficult to get to the front door every time someone knocks on the front door.