A2Z Fire and Security Essex installers Access control system keypad

Access Control System Installers in Epping, Essex

From a simple system controlling one door, to a computer managed access control system for a large premises with multiple users i.e a school. Controlling access to your premises for staff and visitors is essential to help prevent loss and protect your staff. Where traditional locks and keys can prove expensive and inefficient a modern electronic access system from A2Z Fire and Security will allow you take total control of who has access to defined areas within your business. You have a duty of care to your employees and need to provide for their welfare and security. Your A2Z Fire and Security access system will allow your employees to operate efficiently while restricting access to unauthorised individuals. Should an incident or a crime take place on your premises, your access control system allows you to isolate certain areas and even track who was in a particular area at the time. The range of systems include standalone systems, ideal for one or more independent doors in a building and a small number of users, through to PC based Access Control suited to medium and large buildings with thousands of users.